Compare motorhome insurance policies

There are many factors to consider when looking for a suitable motorhome insurance policy at the right price. Use the below as a rough guide when you compare motorhome insurance.

Cover for contents and equipment

Motorhome equipment can often be fairly expensive, meaning cover for it is an essential part of any motorhome insurance policy.

An item of fixed equipment such as a tracking device, reversing camera, or permanently installed audio video equipment is likely to be considered part of the motorhome and hence needs to be added to your motorhome value when insuring. However, you’ll still need cover for non fixed equipment such as generators, awnings, TV’s, radios, pots, pans and other cooking utensils. These items can soon add up in value and motorhome insurance policies often have a limit of how much equipment is covered. Clothing usually comes under the heading of personal effects; some motorhome insurance specialists will cover personal effects and some won’t, but to be honest it is likely that such items taken from the home on your holidays are likely to be covered under your household insurance policy. High risk items such as digital camera, mobile phones and jewellery are unlikely to be covered under your motorhome policy.

European cover

If you travel to Europe with your motorhome then EU cover is an essential cover element to ensure your specialist cover continues abroad. Some motorhome insurance specialists may limit the time you are allowed to travel and limit the countries covered under the policy though, so be sure to check before choosing an insurer if you know where going to be travelling to. It’s becoming increasingly popular for motorhome buyers to embark on year long tours or even live in their motorhome permanently after having sold their home, this is often referred to as ‘Full Timing’. Not many motorhome policies will offer cover for such extensive motorhome use but we’ve written a guide to full timing to help you find cover.

Of course, if you don’t plan to travel abroad, look out for those motorhome insurance companies who make European cover an optional extra to avoid paying for it. If you do plan to travel abroad make sure you have suitable European breakdown cover.

Breakdown and recovery

There are lots of well known organisations who offer excellent breakdown services, but a motorhome insurance specialist can offer tailored breakdown options. Look for companies who suit the needs of motorhomers best, and for those of you with large, A-Class, or American RV motorhomes choose an insurer that offers a breakdown service with no size restrictions to ensure you’re never stuck. You may be able choose between UK only breakdown cover and UK and EU cover options.

Motorhome type

Classic or self converted motorhomes require specific insurance cover, and motorhomers will likely be limited to just a few specialist motorhome insurance brokers who can provide cover. Professionally converted motorhomes and body types such as A-Class, American RV, coachbuilt, derived van, VW Camper, low profile and high tops can generally be covered by most specialist motorhome insurers. Bear in mind that some motorhome insurers rate their premiums according to body type. High Value Motorhomes can sometimes be difficult to obtain cover for.

Claims service and reputation

It’s not just the cover that’s on offer to you that’s important, but also how the company handles claims when the worst happens. Look for policies with well established big name underwriters for that little extra reassurance.

Big Discounts

Specialists offer many big motorhome insurance discounts with big savings available for a claim free driving record, security devices and limiting usage.

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