About Us

Motorhome Insurance Guide is a leading provider of information about motorhome insurance in the UK.

We specialise in giving advice for motorhome owners who may find it difficult to find insurance through the mainstream motorhome insurance providers. For example, owners of high value motorhomes whose sum insured exceeds the maximum some underwriters will cover.

Owners of self-built and self-converted motorhomes also have a limited choice of motorhome providers willing to cover the habitation part of the vehicle given that it has not been professionally converted.

Motorhome owners that fall into either of two age brackets – those at the younger end of the market and those at the more mature end. Many insurance companies see these age groups as high risk, so the Motorhome Insurance Guide aims to help you find an insurer that will cover your motorhome.

The articles on the left hand side should give you more information about the types of motorhome insurance we can help you find.

If you’re ready to get that quote, see our motorhome insurance quote request form. We’ll take a few details and match you to the most appropriate insurance provider who will contact you to give you a motorhome insurance quote.

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