Bag a motorhome insurance discount

Opt for a motorhome insurance company which can give you the maximum amount of discounts, and in turn get you cheaper motorhome insurance.

No claims discount

This plays a big role in your motorhome insurance premium. Discounts of over 60% are not uncommon, but it can depend on your experience. If you’re a seasoned motorhome owner just looking to review your insurance arrangements at renewal, and you have gone 5 years or so without making a claim then expect the maximum discounts.

If you are new to motorhoming, it can depend on whether you have an insurance bonus to transfer. For instance if you are replacing a car with a motorhome you are likely to be able to transfer any bonus earned from that car’s insurance policy to the new motorhome’s policy. Also if you are buying a motorhome as an additional vehicle you can still mirror the bonus you have on your car to get a discount on your motorhome insurance policy. Experience of driving large vehicles may also be taken into account if you are new to motorhoming.

Security discounts

Many motorhome insurance companies give discounts for security devices such as satellite tracking devices, alarm systems and immobilisers. You might be able to save as much as 25% off your motorhome premium.

To get the motorhome insurance discounts on offer it is likely that the devices you buy need to be of a certain standard to qualify. For instance, alarms might need to be Thatcham Category 1 approved and tracking devices might need to have sold secure or Thatcham Category 5, 6 or 7 approval to get the big discounts on offer. You might have to pay more for devices with such approval but it should also give you peace of mind that what you are forking out for as been through some serious testing to make sure it does the job it claims to do.

Choosing to keep your motorhome in a high security storage site or behind a drive post or other kind of locked barrier at home may also result in motorhome insurance discounts.

Safety discounts

Fitting your motorhome with a reversing camera or parking sensors may also result in a discount, recognising the fact that you are less likely to have motorhome insurance claims resulting from reversing accidents!

Review Mileage

The motorhome insurers will take into account annual mileage when calculating your premium so make sure you give this some thought when getting your quotes. Average mileage in a motorhome is usually less than 7,000 miles per annum and in many cases less than 4000 miles.

Review Drivers

Reviewing the number of drivers you have on your motorhome policy can cut down the insurance price. If you’re only planning to let your son, daughter or friend borrow it for a few days a year, why not leave them off the policy and add them on as temporary drivers as and when needed – it could work out cheaper than paying for them to be covered for the whole annual policy.


Increasing your excess can also result in valuable savings.

Remove unwanted cover options

Some motorhome insurance specialists let you add on or remove certain elements of cover such as European usage.

So in summary please give the above some consideration before getting motorhome insurance quotes to ensure you pay only for the cover you’ll be using and get the discounts you deserve.

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