Insuring high value motorhomes or RVs worth over £80,000

Insuring a motorhome worth over £80,000 can be just as simple as insuring one worth £20,000 providing you bear a few things in mind when looking for quotes.

First of all, always choose a specialist motorhome insurance policy as, particularly at this value, the policy will be designed to handle the claims that you are most likely to have, i.e. covering the cost of replacing a large motorhome windscreen, which can cost anything from £1000 to £5000 depending on the size and model.

Secondly, if you have recently moved from a lower value motorhome to one over £80k then don’t dismiss companies you’ve had expensive quotes from in the past. It’s not as simple as scaling up the value, and a company which gave a cheap insurance quote on a motorhome worth £20,000 won’t necessarily be cheap on one worth £80,000 as rating structures vary massively from company to company. Always shop around and get a number of quotes from different insurers but make sure that you are comparing like for like cover which includes all the elements of insurance that you might need.

One element of cover that is very important for large motorhomes is breakdown and recovery services, which are often offered alongside insurance cover; check that the recovery company can handle your large or heavy motorhome. The best bet is to go for a specialist recovery company with no size or weight restrictions, these are often used by insurers who specialise in motorhome insurance.

Generally speaking motorhomes over the £80,000 value mark will be American RV’s, European A-Classes or American A-Class motorhomes, and there are a few things which you need to consider before purchasing a vehicle like this. Many insurers will only cover motorhomes which have been imported and sold by a UK dealership as they are required by law to bring them up to UK fire and safety regulations. Some insurers will cover ‘self-imports’, but will generally require proof they have been brought up to UK fire and safety standards, so check with a few insurers before deciding to self import and ensure you will be able to get insurance cover in place. For further information read our article specifically on American RV Insurance.

High value motorhomes are also likely to require extra security such as alarms or tracking devices in order to meet some insurers criteria, however most will also offer discounts for these devices and the saving on your annual premium will help to offset the cost of security.

If the motorhome is left hand drive some insurers may adjust their rating slightly, and whilst it is unlikely to be an issue, it is something you need to inform the insurer of when getting a quote.

If you own a motorhome valued over £80,000 and need an insurance quote today, visit our motorhome insurance quote page.

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